Grave Digger: Silence

Grave Digger: Silence

En el año 2001 (año de excelentes discos de metal) Grave Digger lanza su disco con el nuevo guitarrista de la banda Manni Schmidt, el disco es un éxito y de este trabajo se desprende esta hermosa balada: Silence


Una oda a estos dioses del Power metal Germánico:


You are lying there, I hear no silent cry
A nameless spirit under the cloudy sky
You’ve left my life and you left my heart
I feel endless days of present and past

Eagles fly into the night
And the world seems to die
Please come back into my life
I need you warming light

I open the grave
And close your eyes
I touch your face
Where your spirit lies
Feel the silence
Feel the silence

Why have you left me – my beautiful one
I can’t accept it that you have gone
I kiss your lips, your face, your golden hair
I’ll see you in heaven, I will meet you there


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